Sommelier & Digital Influencer Extraordinaire: Eleonora Galimberti (Enozioni)

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

There are few things more inspiring than seeing a successful woman crushing the wine world. "Enozioni" was one of the first Instagram accounts I followed when I started my digital wine journey. Eleonora's passion for wine is magnetic and shines through in all of her incredible content. She motivates me daily without knowing it, and I am so excited and honored to share her wine story with you!

Eleonora was born in Milan, the city of fashion and design made in Italy. At the beginning of her career, after graduating in communications, she was lucky to work for the Giorgio Armani company as it was always a dream of hers. Eleonora's passions have always been fashion, writing, and then growing up, she learned to love wine (her mother comes from the land of Brunello di Montalcino)! As her passion for wine grew stronger, she ended up leaving the fashion world to go back to University for her Masters in Food & Beverage Management. During her time at Uni, she also studied (and succeeded) in becoming a Certified Sommelier. It was then Eleonora joined a famous Champagne House as their Marketing & Communications Manager before finding (the very successful) Enogallery and Enozioni. Today she is happy to work with winemakers and lifestyle magazines to promote the culture of wine in the world.

How did you get into the world of wine?

I discovered the wine world gradually thanks to my mother who was born in Tuscany- the land of great red wines. Since I was young, I always traveled a lot with my family and explored the pleasures of good food and wines in different countries and cultures. Curiosity turned into passion and passion made it into a job. As Confucius said, "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

What made you start up your very successful and fun Instagram account?

Some of the tasks required within may career included developing social media outlets, brand promotion and online communication. I loved it so much that when the contract ended, I decided to dedicate all of myself to a new professional project...Enogallery. Enogallery means to communicate the culture and excellence of wine in the world as an "expression of art" (this is why -gallery) with an innovative style open to young generations, social media and digital marketing. I started the blog Enozioni and the Instagram account was born in parallel following the trend of the first wine influencers. Today I'm very happy to work with several wine and hospitality companies, but also publishers, newspapers, magazines.

What is the most interesting wine region you have visited?

The region that has touched me the most so far has been Burgundy, which I visited a summer a few years ago. It was exciting to cross the terroirs from where the famous grand cru are born. The villages are delightful and fascinating to visit, and each wine tasting was an intense sensory experience. I am obviously in love with my Italy (in particular of Montalcino to which I am linked), with its beautiful landscapes and the great red wines that I adore.

What region is on the top of your list that you want to visit?

I love traveling and I was lucky enough to visit many wine regions in the world. Outside Italy I have visited some interesting wineries in California (Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara), France (Alsace, Champagne, Burgundy), and South Australia. In the future I would like to discover wine in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and certainly also Canada for its excellent “ice wines”.

What is the most memorable wine experience you have had so far?

There were some tastings so intense, they that left me with indelible memories. I will always remember with pleasure a fantastic Brunello at Gianfranco Soldera's house. It was lunchtime on a hot day in Montalcino (not really ideal for enjoying full-bodied reds), but I can still feel the seduction of that velvety juice like it was yesterday. Another beautiful moment was in Bordeaux at Chateau Margaux where we tasted different vintages of premier grand cru in their exclusive wine cellar. Both experiences I will never forget.

What is your favorite wine for enjoying at the beach this summer?

The warm weather has already arrived in Italy even though we are still in Spring. In this period I am deepening my knowledge about white wines from Piedmont (land that is normally known for the reds). I'm talking about the Gavi, nicknamed 'White Barolo,' because it's perfect for the beach with its summer scents of fruits, measured acidity, freshness and minerality. Gavi is also a wine that ages very well- in the young vintages it gives floral aromas and almond notes, which over time evolve and acquire complexity and elegance up to balsamic and candied fruits nuances.

And the favorite one you love the most?

If I have to choose only one: Champagne! It is beautiful with everything, anytime and anywhere! As you've read, I love experimenting because a whole life is not enough to try all the wines...but obviously I have my own preferences. In this hot season (summer is approaching in Italy), I enjoy semi-aromatic whites like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (there is much more variety than ever before and quality seems on an unstoppable upward curve), German kabinett Riesling and lightly oaked Chardonnays like Chablis. On cooler evenings I open a good medium-bodied red. From Italy I love all Barolos and Brunellos, but for unusual tastings I shall recommend to try: Pinot Noir (Alto Adige), Lacrima di Morro d'Alba (Marche), Cannonau (Sardinia), Valpolicella Ripasso (Veneto), Primitivo aka Zinfandel (Apulia). I could really write a book about my favorite wines!

What is your secret for creating such a successful social media following? 

This is a question I can‘t give a true answer to. I am also amazed by this success and I am enthusiastic about the follow-up that every photograph that place can attract. I think that Instagram is the most powerful social media tool in pragmatic terms because it is the one that can really open the door to endless business opportunities if you have the ability to create attractive content that can emerge from the competition of millions of instagramers! I started to focus on wine (and sometimes on other affinities like food and travel) as soon as Instagram was born. I believe that being among the “first movers” distinguishing myself from more widespread themes (like fashion) was a strong point in my favor, because it turned the spotlight on someone like me who was creating something new. Still, now that social media are invaded by presumed self-proclaimed digital influencers, I always try to distinguish myself with an elegant style and images with a strong aesthetic impact. In any field, as for successful brands, it is essential to have a strong and coherent identity that is different from the others. In addition to content strategies and creating interesting posts, it is important to cultivate the right relationships, both personal and virtual, learn from inspiring people, build networks with strong communities, and continue to nurture involvement and word of mouth.

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