The Grape Chic Shoe & Wine Pairing Pt. 2

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the part 2 of my shoe & wine pairing! Although light and fun, my hope is that the world can see how wine is beyond just a culinary experience. In New York City, I live in a world of fashion. I work on the corporate side and my husband works in the retail realm with a super impressive client book. Fashion and wine go hand and hand in my life every single day in one way or another. It may be how I express myself though wardrobe and wine selection, or maybe the wine just soothes me after market week. Either way, I see them together like Bonnie & Clyde. And after all, there is no Grape Chic without the Chic!

Dolce & Gabbana & Racine Côtes de Provence Rosé

New Yorkers- does this really need an explanation? Espadrilles & rosé can only mean one thing…summertime bliss. The added anchor embellishment also reminds us of those days spent out on the water drinking this salmon colored nectar of the gods. A Syrah/Grenache blend, this wine boats of watermelon, apple and strawberry. Consequently, these are all the fruits you’d probably be eating in these shoes as you sat out under the sun soaking it all in.

Manolo Blahnik & Lighea Donafugata (Zibibbo)

Romantic with a bit of sass, these Mediterranean blue stilettos are the perfect match for this aromatic Mediterranean white wine from Sicily. The wine label is a work of art and the colors are key in provoking enticement. The blue patent features of these shoes tend to stir up the same. Just as the wine label, they are conversation starters without a doubt. Only just a little bit sweet…these two are best enjoyed together at happy hour on a warm day.

Gianvito Rossi & Ventosa Vineyards Cab Franc

What can I say? Not too soft and not to loud, a FLX Cab Franc is an excellent companion to these black & white striped chunk heels by my favorite shoe designer. Just like the shoes, this wine is on the bold side of what is typical of a Finger Lakes wine. Ventosa Vineyards is known for having some of the “biggest” reds on Seneca Lake, however we must remember this is still Upstate NY. They aren’t going to be as big as a Napa Valley red. I wear these shoes to dinner especially while traveling. They are easy to walk in for an entire evening just as a FLX Cab Franc is easy to drink all night long.

Christian Louboutin & Escaleras De Empedrado Pinot Noir

A little bit wild, a little bit spicy…with a price tag to match! I’m serving you python Louboutins with a super limited Chilean Pinot Noir by Miguel Torres. Offering both fruit and spice, only 165 bottles were distributed to the US. This wine is by far the most seductive Pinot in my collection, and I can safely say so are these shoes. Best paired together for a sexy dinner before a night of dancing…. with your girls or on a date. Showstopper.

As I mentioned in Part 1, when a woman is drinking the perfect wine and wearing the perfect shoes she is unstoppable. I’ve had so much fun finding these connections within my collections, and I hope you have too. Who knows…maybe I’m not finished yet ;)

What is your next shoe & wine pairing?


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