The Grape Chic Handbag & Wine Pairing

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

A few months ago I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked if anyone would be interested in seeing a handbag & shoe pairing. The results showed that 100% of people who voted said yes…so here we are!

I thought it was only appropriate that I put this together during New York Fashion Week. The streets are filled with beautiful people bouncing from show to show wearing head to toe designer. All I had to do to get inspired was watch a couple “Sex & The City” episodes and take a stroll around The Flatiron District.

Like shoes, handbags are also carefully crafted by skilled artisans and are often thought of as the piece that “completes the look.” A handbag is a woman’s statement piece. It’s the article that is placed on the bar at a restaurant…on display for all to see. In some ways it can be thought of as the materialistic representation of ourselves. How we want others to view us. Are we confident? Vibrant? Mysterious? Are we immersed in the trends or are we more free-spirited? I think the same goes for wine. The wines we choose can sometimes be a direct reflection of our current mood or energy.

Ok, the suspense must be killing you. Without further ado, below are my “first round picks” for the Grape Chic Handbag & Wine Pairing:

Gucci & Silver Oak 2010, Alexander Valley

Velvet on velvet! The chocolate notes and well-integrated tannins of this cool vintage give us that luscious mouth-feel that pairs beautifully with this Gucci GG Marmont bag. Packed with berries, these two could be seen canoodling at a trendy steakhouse or perhaps a speakeasy in Gramercy. Upticks in popularity for both Gucci and Silver Oak as brands make these two a super trendy match!

Valentino & Goosecross Cab Franc 2014, Napa Valley

Let me say this…just because this bag is camouflage does NOT mean it blends in with the crowd! By far the “coolest” pairing of the bunch, this Valentino camo rock-stud lock bag is the best match for this 2014 Goosecross State Line Vineyard Cab Franc. Both break boundaries while still holding onto their elegance. Who said Napa Valley was only good at Cabernet Sauvignon? This Cab Franc is packed with lush berries, cedar, tobacco, and of course that amazing green bell pepper nicely complimented by this green bag. Catch these two in the East Village at a hot spot you’ve probably never heard of.

Edie Parker & Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé 2017, Finger Lakes

Maybe this was more of a personal pairing, but this is the clutch I wore at my wedding on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes. If I’m going to pair this Edie Parker marble effect box clutch with anything, it’s obviously going to be with this gorgeous rosé from Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes. This rosé is as vibrant as the clutch when the sun reflects off its acrylic coating. With abundant strawberry, white cherry, a hint of watermelon and a luscious white bouquet, this wine is both feminine and powerful. The slight effervescence mid-palate is also the perfect companion to the silver glitter that outlines the outer sides of the bag. Waltz by these two at an outdoor gala, or of course, an Upstate wedding!

Chanel & Veuve Cliquot Rosé 2008, À Reims, France

I know, I know I’ve used this wine in one of my Shoe & Wine Pairing series, but come on…you don’t get more iconic than this! Both Chanel and Veuve are industry leaders setting trends since the early 1900s (even earlier for Veuve being founded in 1772)! What makes this match even more exciting is that WOMEN brought both to glory. Although both are quite costly (the bag especially), there is an amazing feeling of empowerment knowing women made this all happen just like how YOU are also going to crush all your goals. Find these two in the Hamptons, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Soho, West Village…honestly they are so iconic, you'll find them everywhere :)


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