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When Two Iconic Wine Brands Collide

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

You had me at custom glassware and premium Pinot Grigio...

I've just recently discovered premium Pinot Grigio exists, and it's been an absolute game-changer. It's so easy to associate Pinot Grigio with inexpensive, high-volume brands pulling from the flat fertile plains of Veneto. But the truth is, there are DOCs like Collio and Colli Orientali making concentrated expressive Pinot...and I'm here for it.

Terlato Vineyards' Pinot Grigio is estate grown on the hillsides of Friuli Colli Orientali and although their facilities are modern, their farming practices have stayed traditional. This means the vines are individually tended to from planting to pruning, to harvesting by hand. The result is a wine with intense peach, melon, apricot, and white blossom notes woven together with a distinct minerality.

Now, what if I told you Riedel created a glass specifically for this Pinot Grigio to accentuate and enhance these characteristics?

That's right...Terlato created the first Pinot Grigio to inspire its own Riedel glass. The bowl of the glass is a little wider which exposes the wine to a bigger surface area. This causes more oxygen to reach the wine allowing for the aromas to open up and become more expressive. As you move up the glass, it becomes narrower allowing the aromas to collect and intensify before reaching the lip. The lip is thin making for a seamless transition to the palate and a more luxurious feel.

Impress your guests this Thanksgiving by giving them the Terlato Pinot Grigio/Riedel experience. Not only is this wine extremely food-friendly, but with its new darker bottle to help protect the wine quality and the white and gold embossed label, it will look good on your table as well!

*This article was written in partnership with Terlato Vineyards. All opinions are my own.*

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