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10 French Reds to FALL For This Season

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Scarves, pumpkin spice, sweaters and overcoats…it’s all happening. And while the brisk air makes its way back into our lives, so does the realization that drinking at home is probably the most realistic plan we can make for the rest of 2020. Although it’s been REALLY hard to get excited about things this year, we can definitely look forward to wrapping ourselves up in a blanket, watching Netflix, and pouring a big hefty glass of red. I haven’t been doing a great job at posting all the wines I’ve been sipping on Instagram lately, but I promise I’ve been taking mental notes. Today I’m giving you 10 French reds I’m totally crushing on for the Fall weather.

This should really come as no shock to those who know me just even a little bit. Not only is Morgon my favorite Beaujolais cru, but Marcel Lapierre is part of the famous "Gang of Four" who have made it a personal mission to return to old practices in Beaujolais. Expect to find bright juicy red fruits like fresh strawberry and cherry wrapped in pink flowers and wet earth. The tannins are silky making this the perfect red to sip while preparing dinner, or to bring back to the couch for movie night.

I've been exploring this producer's portfolio a lot lately, and I like what I've been tasting! To me, no variety screams Fall quite like Syrah. This wine is the perfect juice to sip with your turkey chili while watching Sunday football. I love the balance between fresh blackberry, raspberry & violet with the savory characteristics of black pepper and bacon fat. Be right back...I'm drooling.

Chinon was without a doubt my favorite AOC to visit during my trip to the Loire Valley. Really, what's NOT to love about Cab Franc? Charles Joguet has a few different labels in his repertoire, but this one in particular is extremely approachable with notes of cranberry, sour cherry, smoke, thyme, bell pepper and autumn leaves. Have a sip and be transported to a Loire Valley castle...because traveling through the glass is all we really have right now!

Have you ever had Poulsard before? Coming from the Jura region on the Swiss border, Poulsard is thin-skinned and delicately perfumed. Put a slight chill on it and enjoy those juicy red berries dancing around on your palate. Besides wild red berries, you'll also be graced with layers of smoke and spice. I love this wine because you don't HAVE to have food with it. It's extremely quaffable.

Of course I had to include a bottle from the Château I work for (links to my email)! The biggest misconception is that ALL Burgundy wine has to be aged for years before consumption. The Micault is a single plot Pinot Noir from our Clos Marey-Monge vineyard. The soils are mostly sand and silt contributing to a wine that is fresh, bright and silky. This wine sees 20 months in 20% new French oak so notes of cinnamon, vanilla and clove are layered in making it the perfect companion for pork or chicken.

If you've never had Bandol rouge before, I'm not quite sure what you're waiting for! Composed of 80% Mourvèdre, 15% Grenache and 5% Cinsault, this wine will warm you up with all of it's black currant, black plum, meaty goodness. Sip this wine with a massive charcuterie board and watch the wine dance with olive tapenade on your palate.

The Corbières AOC doesn't get enough love! Coming from Languedoc-Roussillon in Southern France, this Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Carignan blend is just what you need with a big juicy burger in front of a fireplace. With a Mediterranean climate and late-ripening grapes, you'll be sure to find a full-bodied wine with ripe fruit, velvety tannins and hints of spice. There's really no better time to explore a new AOC...we have the time.

There's nothing better than an approachable Bordeaux these days. This is the estate's second label, and although we're in St. Estèphe, this wine is 75% Merlot. Merlot brings plummy fruit and a velvety mouthfeel. This left bank sipper is opulent with notes of black cherry, plum, cinnamon, and underbrush It's the perfect wine for a date night at home. Light those candles and bust out the pâté. Fancy.

I've been obsessed with every wine coming from this producer's portfolio lately! There's nothing quite like stepping into Fall with a Grenache-based blend. Full-bodied AND easy to drink, this wine really is a win/win. Ripe, juicy and luscious are just a few words I'd throw out there. Pop this bottle open with takeout from your favorite Moroccan or Turkish restaurants!

This wine is from the La Clape AOC in the Languedoc. The landscape here is ruled by the Massif de la Clape, which is a limestone outcrop wedged between the city of Narbonne and the sea. It's hot and dry here meaning the fruit is ripe and concentrated. This wine in particular is 60% Syrah, 30% Grenache, and 10% Mourvèdre. This is the perfect wine to open with a flank steak or sirloin at home as it's quite savory with a long finish.

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