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What's Your "Type?" - 5 Reds for Valentine's Day That Will Suit Anyone's Preference

"So, what's your type anyway?"

I hear this question asked all too frequently. Coffee shops, wine bars, in an online dating world, it's constant. I took this question to the shower a few days ago and thought (as I usually do), "what about wine?" Do we not all have a type? Do our oenological preferences align with our personal? If a wine had a pulse and could breathe like you and I, would it emulate the characteristics we label it with?

There, of course, aren't real scientific answers to these questions, but it was fun to consider the possibilities. Considering Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought this would be an opportune time to introduce 5 red wines I'm obsessing over that will truly suit anyone's "type."

#1. The Rule Breaker

Into someone that lives on the edge and doesn't let society tell them what to do? Then this Syrah from the Finger Lakes is your bottle. Many people would assume the Finger Lakes are just too cold to cultivate Syrah, but with extremely deep lakes moderating the microclimate of the vines, Syrah can definitely hang. I mean that quite literally too- Syrah has extremely thick skins that allow for additional hang time on the vine. Additional hang time equates to riper fruit, which in turn means you'll be able to enjoy those dark berry and savory notes without the wine coming off as austere. This wine has medium (+) acidity, a medium body and would pair with anything from a bowl of olives to wild game.

#2. The Elegant

There's something about Etna wines that just scream elegance. If you prefer someone with a bit of "style & grace," look no further than Tenuta di Fessina's Il Musmeci Rosso made from 100% Nerello Mascalese. Cultivated from volcanic soils, you'll find gorgeous notes of fresh raspberry, ash, dried herbs, and forest floor with an undeniable clean, mineral finish...almost as if you washed it down with an actual glass of mineral water. The tannins are present but behaved, and with every sip you'll start to envision a perfectly poised ballet dancer pirouetting...on a volcano. Pairing? A fresh seafood pasta or eggplant rollatini.

#3. The Wild Child

Domaine du Moulin 2015 Florentin Braucol

*email for purchase inqueries

This one cannot be tamed! Hey, maybe you're into that kind of stuff and if so, this is your wine! Braucol is indigenous to Southwest France, particularly Gaillac where it can be traced back to the 1700s! It is also referred to as "Fer" where the Latin origin of the word quite literally translates to "wild" or "savage." Domaine du Moulin makes an impeccable wine with black wild berries and mouth-seizing tannins that allow this wine to age for years to come. Full of rustic charm, this wine will definitely take you for a ride. Pair with hearty meat dishes such as beef and lamb, or cassoulet with layers of duck and pork skin.

#4. The Purest

If purity is high on your list, then the Chacra "Cincuenta y Cinco" Pinot Noir is the wine for you. Coming from Patagonia in the Río Negro region, these grapes are farmed both biodynamically and organically. This wine is unfiltered and 100% natural making it quite the innocent one. Argentina (along with Chile) are some of the few countries in the world that weren't hit by the doom of Phylloxera, so these vines were planted completely ungrafted (whoa)! Some say vines are more "connected" to the Earth when they are ungrafted which results in fruit produced in the purest form. Expect to experience wild strawberry, cranberry, crushed gravel, and Earth with great minerality. Pair with pork chops or anything in a mushroom sauce.

#5. The Seductive

You really should let them be, but they just keep drawing you in. It doesn't get more seductive than Château Pavie Macquin hailing from St. Émilion. A perfect stature, this wine is ripe, luscious, and extremely expressive. Vibrant ruby at first glance, you'll find layers of luring red plum, baking spices, and mocha with floral undertones and chalky accents. This wine will come at a price, but come on, you know it's worth it. 84% Merlot and 16% Cabernet, this wine would pair with braised veal or shoulder of lamb.

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