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The Grape Chic Guide to Wine & Sushi

A common question that my friends and family often ask is, "what is the best wine to pair with Sushi?" These little raw delicacies are a New York City staple and made super trendy by places like, Nobu, Koi and Bond St. As the ultimate chic date night cuisine, it's important to know what kind of wine to order that will impress the table...and your taste buds. Before I dive right in, remember you always want your wine complementing your food...not competing with it!

1. Sancerre/Sauvignon Blanc

Probably the most "classic" wine to pair with seafood like shrimp, crab and scallops would be the Sauvignon Blanc varietal. Try a Sancerre from the left bank of the Loire Valley. Light and zesty, these wines are full of citrus, limestone and herbaceous notes that won't overpower that perfect roll. Try:

2. Champagne

You've probably heard about the age old relationship between Champagne & oysters, but what you may not know is how that can translate to your chopsticks! The reason why Champagne and oysters pair so well is because of the Umami found in the oyster. Umami is described as the "fifth flavor" your tongue can detect in foods like cooked mushrooms, scallops and tuna. A little bit bitter yet very delicate, a Champagne has the acidity and texture to create the perfect balance! Try:

3. Dry Rosé

There's a reason why everyone says, " rosé all day" and that's because rosé wines are super food friendly while also extremely drinkable on their own over long periods of time. Rosé wines are red grapes that are fermented on the skins for a short time which causes a little color and tannin to be extracted. Provence rosé offers refreshing acidity, strawberry/mineral notes and a hint of complexity. Pair this wine with your tempura and avocado heavy rolls! Try:

4. Beaujolais/Gamay

I had to include something for the red lovers out there! Best served slightly chilled (around 55 degrees Fahrenheit), the Gamay grape from Beaujolais is high in acidity but low in tannin. The "Nouveau" style offers juicy red fruits like cranberry and raspberry. Although this wine is delicate enough to enjoy with raw fish, it is surely be a great go-to for any kind of cooked sushi as well! Try:

5. Vinho Verde

Full of yellow fruits, a little saltiness and refreshing qualities, Vinho Verde wines from Portugal are a great match for a variety of different rolls. Vinho Verde wines can contain up to 6 different white varietals and tend to be high in acidity yet and low in alcohol. (more on Vinho Verde wines here). When pairing with sushi, you don't want an intense alcohol burn as it will overpower all the things we love about sushi! Try:

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